2023 Sex Seminar

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Is married sex different than you’d thought it’d be? Where do you go to get answers to all of your sensitive sex-related questions?


Along with 30 other leading professionals in the sex and marriage industry, I am excited to present to you… An Online Marriage Conference All About Sex & Intimacy!

That’s right. Everyone’s got questions about it. It’s time for some REAL answers! 

31 Different Sex-perts

31 Different Classes

From the comfort & privacy of your own home, you and your spouse will be able to watch video presentations that will transform your sex life!

It’s time for some serious adults-only bedroom chat! 

We’re Talking About… 

  • The Female Orgasm
  • How to Feel Sexy 
  • How Often Should You be Having Sex
  • Sex & Periods
  • How to Talk About Sex 
  • How Hormones Affect Drive
  • 5 Types of Intimacy
  • How to Naturally Increase Libido
  • How to Rekindle the Passion in Your Sex Life
  • Sexy Date Ideas
  • How to Ask for What You Want in the Bedroom
  • Using Vibrators Together
  • Sex Therapy
  • Role-Play
  • Honeymoon Prep 101
  • How to Teach Kids About Sex


While an all-access pass is usually $35, you can grab access to our 2023 Sex Seminar for ONLY $20 using my link! 

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Learn about the Top 10 reasons individuals view pornography even when they don’t want to!