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Clinical Psychologist

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Counseling Services, online Self-directed Programs, and Educational Resources based on research supported psychological principles designed to improve mental and sexual health, reduce unwanted behaviors, and enhance your quality of life!

Participant Reviews

“Your course and guidance has been life changing for me.”

“I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the incredible program that you created to address pornography. My son has battled pornography for many many years and we were feeling so hopeless. A family member recommended LAP and we decided to go for it. My son and I have been doing LAP for the last several months and have Module 10 to go. He has really matured and we both have a much different perspective than we had before we knew about LAP. It has given us new hope for the future. Thank you thank you! We will be forever grateful. He has more direction and is ready to keep moving forward. Thank you so much for creating this program for those who have tried so so many things to ‘battle addiction to pornography addiction’.”

“LAP has, is, and will continue changing my life. It took me years of “shoveling” until I found this program, and I’m eternally grateful I did.”

“Your podcasts and course have been a Godsend for me. I, like so many others, had been through all the addiction approaches with no real success. When I first listened to one of your podcasts, my entire mindset shifted. I realized how I had been looking at this the wrong way — and that this was an emotional coping mechanism and not a sexual addiction. Literally, almost overnight, everything changed for me. Without even completing your course (I’m a few modules in), my approach, outlook, and confidence in a life after this habit completely changed. Basically my habit of viewing sexual images disappeared overnight — just with a healthier understanding of what was really happening, and that I wasn’t “broken for life.”

“I have been able to actually put words to some of my deepest, darkest feelings and secrets and begun to heal some of my wounds. Thank you for helping me gain this courage through your work, interviews, and podcasts.”

“Thank you for your years of research, studies, and I’m sure countless hours of putting this program together. I know it’s changed lives because I’ve seen it change mine.”

“I also found your Healthy Sexuality course incredibly helpful, especially those principles at the end which completely changed my view on sex.”

“My ability to identify and sit with emotions — and not try to escape uncomfortable emotions — has been increasing as I’ve been working through your course and listening to your podcast. Learning some emotional maturity is a work in progress, but even as I’m working to better feel and accept emotions, the undesired behavior has essentially stopped. I now recognize that viewing sexual images is one option to handle uncomfortable emotions — but now that the accompanying shame surrounding my behavior has been diminished — my ability to make another choice on the menu has greatly increased. Previously, I felt so much shame for even feeling drawn to that menu option that it would lead me down that very path. Long story short — thank you for all you’re doing. There are so many people like me out there who you probably don’t hear much from, but you’re a light and beacon of hope to so many of us who have suffered in darkness and who have been without hope for so long.”

“It’s given me the courage to take a look at myself and my life and the MANY struggles I have been having in my life that it’s been easier to suppress these issues and feelings than address them. I’m just starting to address some of them but you gave me the courage to reflect and reach out for help.”

“Thank you for this program. It is making a world of difference for me!”

“It was very eye opening and in many ways, life changing.”

“As someone who has plowed through many “shovels” in my attempts to thwart pornography, I know full-well how much I appreciate this program. Nobody should have to feel hopeless simply because they don’t know where to turn.”

“I have had more success and self-esteem with this program than I ever had with any 12 step program. I am months in and feel great about actually living my life. Thank you for making this program and making it so affordable for people to access.”

“It’s helping me be more mindful. Whether it’s work, or just the stresses of life catching up to me, I’m confident now in my ability to breathe and recognize what my body/mind are going through. In turn, I’ve been able to make far more responsible life choices, many of which were very difficult to make. The best thing it’s given me is hope. Hope that I can get through this and be a better person on the other side.”

“Thank you so much! You have really had a positive impact on my life!”

“I’ve tried “shovel” after shovel, program after program, for years and years, and Life After Pornography is the only program that has truly helped me live my life according to my values, and has been most effective in reducing unwanted pornography viewing.”

“I watched each module with my wife, and it was especially helpful for me to have her support during the process, and I think it also helped her to better understand what I am going through and what pornography viewing is really a symptom of.”

“Thank you so much for putting this together. It has helped more than you’ll ever know.”



Pocatello, ID