2024 Book Release

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I’ve never been afraid to write anything before. Well, until this book. I’ve published a dozen research studies in peer-reviewed medical and psychological journals. I’ve spoken from the pulpit to my congregation countless times on a myriad of religious topics. Those were easy. I knew who my audience was. I can talk openly about sexuality in the academic realm and about faith with my fellow parishioners.

The problem with writing this book is simple: I can’t tailor the message to my audience. I can’t censor my thoughts as I talk about discipleship or hold anything back as I share my experiences as a graduate student in a human sexuality research laboratory.

I’m just a little-known name on a research paper. No one knows my secret: I’m also a Mormon, or as I prefer to be identified, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Somehow, I found a way to simultaneously offend the “sex addiction” treatment community as well as members of my own faith who believe in “sex addiction.”

This book explores the frenzy surrounding pornography, advancements in treatment, and the integration of science, religion, and sexuality. Confessions also explores the impact of culture, beliefs, and church policy on sexuality, the realities of being a mental health provider and a disciple of Jesus Christ, and my hope in fostering connection, healing wounds, and giving voice to marginalized individuals.

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Finally! A candid book about sex that challenges the “porn addiction” model and the fear-based hysteria that has gathered so much momentum in the past few decades. With a unique blend of personal experience and professional insights, Dr. Staley sensitively challenges the status quo and gently suggests a healthier, respectful way of thinking about sex and sexuality. A must-read for all Latter-day Saint families and Church leaders seeking more insight and compassion around complexities of human sexuality.
—Dr. Julie Hanks, therapist and author of The Assertiveness Guide for Women

Yay! for a book that gives the word “sex” the place of honor it deserves in a society that claims we are that we might have joy but often dispenses fear and confusion. Confessions is both light-hearted and seriously helpful, a great gift to families and individuals needing a friendly scientific and spiritually-attuned guide to walk with them on this awesome and challenging territory.
—Carol Lynn Pearson, author of The Love Map

Dr. Cameron Staley brings fresh perspectives and unique insights on sensitive subjects in the Latter-day Saint community.  Subjects we need to discuss in our congregations and families so we can better understand and support each other.  This is a book I wish I’d read decades ago before becoming a husband, father, and having church assignments.   Dr. Staley’s work—because of his education, clinical experience, and understanding of gospel principles—brings better pastoral insights to help others.  This book is a must read for every Latter-day Saint.
—Richard Ostler, host of the Listen, Learn and Love podcast