Hello everyone!

I have an exciting announcement…

After 12 years of teaching, providing counseling, and training beginning clinicians at the university, I’m finally transitioning to my private practice full-time! I will continue to provide counseling services for general mental health concerns including anxiety, depression, trauma, compulsive behaviors, scrupulosity, OCD, and personality disorders. I specialize in sexual health and helping individuals overcome compulsive behaviors including unwanted pornography viewing. 

I also provide marriage and relationship counseling for couples seeking help navigating sexuality, communication, betrayal, desire discrepancies, and mental health concerns. I specializes in helping individuals with faith crises, scrupulosity, faith transitions, religious trauma, or religious concerns that may impact relationships or identity (e.g., sexuality, gender). I value helping individuals explore their identities including autism, LGBTQIA+, and faith. 

I also provide neurodiversity-affirming assessment for adults seeking confirmation of their autistic identity or formal evaluation for an Autism Spectrum Disorder or ADHD diagnosis. These psychological assessments also screen for other mental health concerns (e.g., anxiety, depression, PTSD) that may co-occur. Online counseling and psychological assessment services are available for residents living in over 40 states!

I look forward to helping you improve your mental health, relationships, and wellbeing!

Dr. Cameron Staley

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